The 1 Beyond Difference 

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The 1 Beyond Credo:

In Service, Technology and Value we are 1 Beyond


1 Beyond in Service:

We pride ourselves in our dedication to our customers. We make every attempt to assess your needs and recommend the system best suited to you. Whether you are editing for broadcast, documentaries, feature films, commercials, corporate or other training or promotional videos or using the platform for teaching, we will find the configuration best suited for you. 1 Beyond has without a doubt the widest range of video production systems in the industry. After you purchase a 1 Beyond system, we provide you with not one but four levels of support.


Levels of Support:

  • "I think it's broken" Support. - Since we designed and built your system, you have only one place to call for hardware and software support. The majority of the time it is a simple setting or use problem that we can help you identify.
    • For software problems, we include a fully licensed software data and system imaging program. In addition you will receive an “as-built” image on a bootable solid state USB drive. This allows you to diagnose whether the problems are caused by system or application modification or viruses. And in the event that the system and application drive is corrupted, it can be reloaded in minutes.
    • If your system hardware does break, we include a full 1 year warranty for parts and labor, with every 1 Beyond system. There is also an option for an extended warranty. This level 1 is what most companies refer to as support. We have three more layers.

  • Applications Support - "How to do it?" support. We have a full time staff of professional video experts who use our systems daily to do projects of all types specifically to keep current on the latest tricks and tips.
  • Post Production Support -More important than ever is "now that I have the video completed, I want to distribute it.” This can use many methods today including DVD, web video players, interactive sites…  Our production staff is faced with these challenges daily and we specifically seek out difficult jobs to be sure that when you call, we have the answers.
  • 1 Beyond offers Custom Training Courses – Our professional staff is available for cost effective worldwide training using remote software over the Internet for unlimited attendees and at different locations simultaneously. In rare cases where this is not available, courses are also available pre-recorded. Also we can train on-site at the customer’s facility or at our 1 Beyond corporate office. All Training can be specialized i.e. customized for your needs. Call for more information.

1 Beyond in Technology:

1 Beyond has a long tradition of industry firsts. We were the first National Company to introduce Lossless Native DV Turnkey on-line editing at a fraction (10%) of the cost of traditional off-line systems (1996). In 2003 we repeated this in the High Definition market. Soon, off-line editing in High Definition can be a thing of the past. Imagine “On-Line All-The-Time”.


Another technology leadership example is Storage. High Performance Storage has always been critical to video systems. At 1 Beyond, Storage Technology has always has always been a strong part of our product offerings. For example, for High Definition video, we introduced the industry’s First Uncompressed HD Shared Storage Area Network. Don't be misled into thinking that all systems act alike. Call for more info or a remote demo in the convenience of your own facility. Professionals who put our systems to the test have been amazed with what our state-of-the-art systems can do. Please, put us to the challenge and ask for a demo.

Design Criteria - Technology upgrades?
Terry Cullen, founder of 1 Beyond, developed an appreciation for the importance and power of world standards and open architecture, as the product manager for Ethernet, the World’s First True Standard in computer communications (i.e. not dictated by IBM). Since the beginning, our top 2 system design criteria have been to use:

Open architecture and  World standards

This means you not only have a current upgrade path but can take advantage of future technology developments as they appear. With Proprietary Products you are dependent on a single company to provide technology updates. They will catch up when they can and charge you what they want. You have no choice. With 1 Beyond using the open PC Standard, you have over 4 Billion Dollars of research spent per year and 90% of the market driving it. Open standards give the PC market much more power than any one company could afford on its own. The same philosophy applies in our choice of video equipment. You will see that we are partners with most major vendors in the video industry, yet we are not obligated to push you any direction. We only handle the Best of the Best. Our customers appreciate the fact that, from an unbiased perspective, we can tell you the pros and cons of each.

We have customers sending us three to five year old systems that we can upgrade to the latest current technology. We don't want anyone to be locked into Proprietary Products or left behind!

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1 Beyond in Value:

We place great emphasis on keeping our system prices the best Value for you.

Compare us with the competition - - we are often thousands of dollars less and yet we do not compromise on quality. Our Value goal is not to be the “cheapest” system you can buy. Rather, we decided at the beginning, our differentiating factor will be Service, Quality and Value you can count on. That applies not only to our products but to our company. When you buy a professional 1 Beyond system, you are entering a relationship, not just buying a box. Our experience is you care as much or more about the company you buy from, its philosophy and its people than the product. We believe our Value proposition of a strong quality company backed by excellent service has won out over time. Not only has it made us successful (having many customers come to us after receiving poor service from low priced competitors), but looking back at the past 15 years, most of the “bottom fisher” companies are gone.

We are efficient, nimble and here to help you - what more could you ask for?

We hope that we can be of service and we look forward to working with you!