1 Beyond U-Switch™ Appliance &  U-Switch Player

A new technology for watching and producing multi-camera events online
No production switching or post editing – Users choose camera angle as they watch

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With the 1 Beyond U-Switch Appliance and browser-based U-Switch Player it is now possible to stream and record a multi-camera event with no on-site production crew and no editing team.  Users choose camera angles as they watch, live or on-demand.  The result: an enhanced viewer experience and lower production costs.


View Sample Recording in the U-Switch Player

Click here to see another example of the U-Switch Player 

featuring an interview with 1 Beyond VP Rony Sebok on the Digital Production Buzz.

U-Switch Appliance: Records/Streams 4 inputs a simultaneously. Recording and streaming can be scheduled to start/stop automatically further reducing personnel requirements.  Recorded files are automatically transferred to a video server. 

The U-Switch Appliance has 4 HD-SDI inputs, 2 XLR audio inputs and a network port. 

U-Switch Player: Viewers can watch an event on any device with an internet browser – on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone - and can switch seamlessly between cameras or other inputs using an intuitive interface with a click of a mouse or touch of the screen with no delays or audio glitches.


Both the 1 Beyond U-Switch Appliance and Player are simple to setup and use. No configuration is required other than assigning an IP address on a network.


The 1 Beyond U-Switch Appliance and Player, along with the 1 Beyond StreamCam AutoTracker Camera that automatically zooms in and follows the professor, are already in use at a major university for daily recording of classroom lectures.

Ideal for any event where multiple camera angles enhance the viewer’s experience and availability of personnel or equipment costs had heretofore limited the number of cameras used.  The U-Switch appliance costs less than a traditional switcher.

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