Ben Mills from Kick-Ass 2 Shares His 1 Beyond Dailies System Story


KickAss called 1 Beyond to learn more about our LTO archive solutions.  In the process of discussing their workflow, it became clear that the best and most redundant and cost-effective solution for them would be to have 1 Beyond integrate the LTO archive solution into the Resolve color-grading systems.  So, instead of purchasing a separate Resolve station and separate LTO solution, they could get TWO Resolves with built-in LTO drives for near the same price and be redundant and have twice the workflow capacity.


This is one advantage to purchasing from 1 Beyond: workflow discussions before sale that lead to optimal solutions -- and integrated solution.  In this case the Dailies solution could double as an LTO backup box.


Resolve color grading


Ben Mills Kick Ass 2
Ben Mills 1 Beyond Dalies

"Having a custom built 1 Beyond dailies machine in our cutting room on Kick-Ass 2 was the backbone to our dailies process. Being able to verify and offload ArriRaw and ProRes material from set onto our internal raid, apply colour tweaks in DaVinci Resolve and transcode our dailies at lightning fast speed all inside the cutting room proved to be a massive helping hand both from a speed and security point of view. The machines 1 Beyond built were both unique and impressive, we wouldn't have been able to complete the job without them!"

"They powered through the dailies process all the way through to the conform and were capable of handling any tasks we threw at them. The wrangler software installed on the dailies machine provided us with the stability we needed to ensure verified copies were made from transport drives to our internal raid. It was incredibly easy to use and highly capable of offloading and verifying to multiple destinations at once. All in all Terry, Rony and Jeff at 1Beyond have been highly attentive and supportive throughout the process of making Kick-Ass 2 and it's great to see a company out there doing such great things and catering exactly to a production’s needs."


Ben Mills

First Assistant Editor

"Kick-Ass 2"

Kick-Ass Productions Ltd