Phillips Street Church StreamMachine™ Testimonial

Our church has been broadcasting live services and Bible studies through the internet since early in 2000. We adopted the use of the technology early in the game because we knew that it would be such a powerful medium in which to quickly reach people easily with low cost. As internet streaming continued to improve as well as the addition of HD cameras to provide clear, crisp video and images, our workflow for streaming quickly became antiquated in both functionality for our purpose and the appearance of the stream to the end user.


In our quest to provide a quality looking broadcast to our audience and a simple workflow for our benefit, we explored many options to achieve the professional look that we desired. While exploring the use of Wirecast as our software option for our live production, we found the 1 Beyond StreamMachine™ as a turnkey, multiple input solution. We contacted 1 Beyond about the product to see if it would meet our criteria and budget. Enough cannot be said about the professional, competent and personal support we received from 1 Beyond. We were given detailed specs and options for improving our streaming workflow and broadcasting options to provide reliable, eye catching live productions. 


We have been using the StreamMachine for our live web streaming for about three months. We have had numerous contacts and compliments on the quality, reliability and professional appearance of our web streaming services. In these three months, our viewing numbers have increased by 50% and we expect more growth as word spreads. We are currently using two Canon HF M41 HD cameras with plans to add two more. We display Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi and other graphic presentations from the pulpit as a wireless input using Telestream's Desktop Presenter software into the StreamMachine. This allows the live stream viewers to see what the speaker is presenting to the congregation via the auditorium projectors.  


Our media team is made up of purely volunteers with no broadcast training or experience. With the intuitive layout and ease of use of the 1 Beyond StreamMachine, we have had no issue with training and all users find it extremely easy to use. We used to spend hours capturing video from our camera sources and presentations, editing these together in post-production to upload and archive lessons for on demand viewing. With the ability of the StreamMachine to simultaneously broadcast and record the stream, we no longer have to spend hours capturing and editing separate video to make a presentable lesson for upload. We simply record the live stream and upload the file immediately afterward with no issues. 

If we need a higher quality version of the separate video, we simply record the ISO inputs at a high rate and we have the ability to edit in post-production with great HD quality. The iPad control option allows us to control the live production remotely in case we are needed in a separate area of the building during the live broadcast.


Our entire streaming process has been improved so dramatically from workflow to the viewable product and we owe it to 1 Beyond and the StreamMachine capabilities. We look forward to continued growth with our live broadcast and our relationship with the 1 Beyond product line.


Patrick Cupples

Deacon, Media & Technology


StreamMachine Phillips Street Church
StreamMachine Phillips Street Church