09.30.2013-5 Tips to make your live streaming event a success

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1) Have backup gear--Having a few spares can make the difference between a successful live event and an absolute failure. Be redundant in every way possible by including extra cables, batteries, tripods and even extra cameras if you have them. If you can’t bring extra gear, then at the very least bring a basic toolkit and some duct tape for making repairs in a pinch. 

2) Promote your broadcast--So much goes on behind the scenes in preparation for a live streaming event that often promoting the event itself is almost completely overlooked. Start promoting your event at least two weeks before your event, create promotional flyers, send out tweets, and make sure to create a Facebook event page. With so much of your viewership depending on how well your event is marketed, promoting yours correctly is a crucial piece to success.

3) Be sure to have a quality sound source--Camera microphones in most cases are not going to cut it. Your audio will sound boxy and of low quality. Most Venues will have a feed from the sound board, but for an even better audio experience, set up room & audience microphones to capture the live feeling of the event.

4) Make sure you have your own dedicated internet line--Nothing will ruin your live stream faster than a slow internet connection. Be sure to organize a dedicated line just for streaming that is not shared by anyone else.  This is also one of those areas where it really helps to have a contingency plan (i.e. a phone with a WIFI hotspot) just in case things really start to go wrong.

5) Get familiar with your venue--This one tip will make everything about your live streaming event go smoother. Find out as much as you can in advance about the venue: Everything from parking to what the lighting is going to be during the event to how much movement the subject will be doing. Don’t wing it; it always helps to be prepared, and trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.

Posted by Skye on 9.30.2013 at 2:46pm