10.29.2013-Choosing Hardware to Stream Your Church Service Online

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With so many options available for broadcasting your church service online, it can be a daunting task to find the right solution for your church. Many different factors must be considered when making the decision for a streaming solution including: ease of use, portability, reliability, affordable price point and professional features. Overlooking any of these aspects in a streaming solution can bring your streaming church service to a screeching halt.

1 Beyond has set out to create a turnkey product to create a professional quality broadcasts at an entry level price. Our StreamMachine was built as a standalone, all in one solution for live broadcast applications.  To accomplish this industry breakthrough, the 1 Beyond StreamMachine incorporates the Matrox VS4 Quad HD-SDI card and Telestream Wirecast software with the award-winning, rugged, powerful and field proven 1 Beyond portable system and software. The results set a new bar for the streaming industry.

The StreamMachine boasts the ability to record all 4 inputs while simultaneously streaming, enabling the user to go back and make edits in post-production to fix any mistakes that may have happened during the live stream.  With the ability to overlay graphics, switch cameras with beautiful transitions, view alternate cameras, monitor and queue cameras, apply transitions, display picture in picture , overlay graphics, display virtual sets, and record all inputs simultaneously, the feature packed StreamMachine is the complete turnkey solution for live church broadcast. With the optional iPad interface, you can have complete control of all your StreamMachine features from anywhere there’s Wifi, meaning you’re not stuck behind a computer for the entire service. With Countless churches already successfully using the 1 Beyond StreamMachine for their live broadcasts, you’ll have a professional quality streaming service up and running in no time.