Announcing Industry Firsts in Professional Streaming and Event Recording


Streaming Made Easy -- 1 Beyond StreamCam™ and 1 Beyond CameraBundle™ -- Absolutely Everything Needed to Produce a Live Event

Boston, MA - March 5, 2014 – 1 Beyond, Inc., a leader in streaming video systems, has announced the availability of industry firsts:

  • 1 Beyond StreamCam™, the first camera specifically designed for streaming and event recording and at a fraction of the price of current HD-SDI cameras
  • 1 Beyond StreamCam™ PTZ, remote controlled Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera for live event production at a fraction of the price of current HD-SDI PTZ cameras
  • 1 Beyond CameraBundle™, a new affordable turnkey approach designed to take the hassle out of setting up a multi-camera event

The cameras and special package complement the 1 Beyond StreamMachine live-switching/ streaming/ recording platforms to provide all the components necessary for broadcasting and recording a multi-camera live event.

1 Beyond’s years of streaming and event recording experience and customer input have led to the development of the cameras and package to address two hurdles faced by an event team:


1)      Cost – Professional SDI cameras were not designed for event recording. A lower cost, rugged, portable solution is possible leveraging the recording capability built into the 1 Beyond StreamMachine systems.

2)      Complexity – To equip a live event requires sourcing cameras, cables, microphones, mixers, and carry cases from various vendors.  The 1 Beyond packages remove the technical mysteries and research time and provide professional equipment at affordable prices, tested to work well together.


Priced at $895 each, the 1 Beyond StreamCam camera is unique in the industry because it is purpose-built to meet the unique objectives of portability and ruggedness required for in-field use at events. With an all metal body and extremely small size, this HD-SDI camera includes all the features usually identified with much more expensive cameras. The 1 Beyond StreamCam PTZ camera is priced at $1795, a price point well below comparable cameras.


Designed with the objective of “Streaming Made Easy”, the 1 Beyond CameraBundle can be paired with a choice of one or more 1 Beyond StreamMachine™ systems or used with existing streaming systems. Together this gives customers everything needed for a professional, multi-camera streaming broadcast. Saving thousands, priced at $5,495, the CameraBundle includes four StreamCam cameras with Storm case, 7-inch professional field monitor, 6-channel audio mixer, tripods, HD-SDI cables, BNC adaptors, and a rolling duffel bag to easily transport the components of an entire TV studio to an event.


Terry Cullen, CEO and Founder of 1 Beyond states, “This new turnkey approach not only represents industry firsts but significantly raises the bar for affordable prices. After months of design and testing, I am pleased to present the solution to these repeated customer requests.  Certified compatible Pro equipment – we put together the best to make it easy for our customers. Streaming Made Easy!”


These new offerings are available on the recently launched 1 Beyond Online Store There customers can browse through all the new gear, check specifications and prices, and put together a package custom-tailored to their requirements, 24/7 from the comfort of their homes or offices. The first 100 visitors to “Create an Account”, receive a special introductory discount coupon good until August 31, 2014.