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About the Axle

Axle is software to help you manage your media projects. It provides a simple web browser interface that lets you view, annotate and log all your assets from any location. axle runs on a Mac Mini that’s connected either directly or over the network to your media storage. Your storage can be a SAN, a NAS or just a local RAID, and can be running on in a Mac, Windows or Linux environment – all axle needs is to be able to read the file system. axle then catalogs your media in its database and makes low-bandwidth proxies letting you work on your assets from wherever you are. 

  • Automatic cataloging: Unlike other systems that require you to check media in and out, axle 2012 automatically takes care of discovering your media. Just point it at your existing file system and it will index all the files and update its database in real time as new files are added or removed.
  • Browser-based review: With axle, you can work with the contents of your media library through a simple interface from any location. Don’t lock up an expensive editing seat just to review footage – do it from your laptop, tablet or phone, in or out of the office.
  • Automatic proxy generation: To avoid bogging down your production network with high bandwidth accesses to your high resolution media, axle automatically generates low resolution proxies of your media assets and stores them on a separate drive. That way, lots of people can be viewing the media without impacting your production network.
  • Extensive format support: axle will work with all your existing media, including .mov, .mxf, .avi and many other source media formats. Yours not on our list? Just check in with us and we can verify whether we can read it.



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