Discovery - 1 Beyond LTO EzPrep™ Offer
1 Beyond LTO NetDrive™ (Archive appliance) + EzPrep software 

With special discount, Start Archiving for as low as $4,246.

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1 Beyond developed the hardware and software for the Discovery Communications LTO Quality / Compliance inspection stations. Now you can prepare your tapes on the same system aided by the same software.


-Ease the process of creating LTO Tapes
-Useful for other Archive purposes
-All supported by 1 Beyond’s LTO Process Experts


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The Discovery 1 Beyond LTO EzPrep Offer includes:

1 Beyond LTO NetDrive Appliance: For a limited time, select the 1 Beyond LTO NetDrive of your choice and receive a 15% discount plus EzPrep software at no additional charge.
Simple 1 Beyond step-by-step guidelines: for creating each of the 3 Discovery LTO Master Types (Program, Graphics and Footage)
Metadata XML Generator: for creating the required metadata file with a simple fill-in-the blanks wizard
Format Utility: for properly formatting the tape to the Discovery specifications, pre-allocating the metadata file location and name
MD5 Generator: for creating the required MD5 checksum files, includes the same MD5 software used by Discovery
Anti-Virus: for virus checking tapes (uses the same software as Discovery’s QA)

Compliance Checker Software: for verifying that the final tape will pass the file/folder structure and naming requirements. It generates a report identifying errors and aids in correction.
LTFS Tools: for making corrections to file and folder names, file positions, additions or deletions-all
directly on the tape 

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                            NetDrive Portable With Optional Ipad Interface

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LTO NetDrive Models:
NetDrive Lite-The lowest price, tower
NetDrive Portable-Rugged option used by film and TV industry worldwide
NetDrive Rack-Rack unit for machine rooms

LTO NetDrive Options:

  • LTO 5 (1.5TB) or LTO 6 (2.5TB)
  • Single or Dual LTO Drives
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Useful for other for other Archive purposes:

  • Hard drives
  • Camera memory
  • Production projects and assets.
  • Backup XSAN, ISIS…NAS / SAN

Ease of use for Mac or PC environments:

  • Drag and Drop simplicity
  • Direct connect hard drives to eSATA or USB3
  • Network watch folder software
  • Stand-alone, no host computer required
  • Turnkey, no SAS cards, special drivers, firmware or LTFS software to load.
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For Purchasing and Additional Information - Call 1 Beyond at 617-591-2200