1 Beyond EzStor ™
Simple to Access Linear Tape Open Automatic Loading Libraries with Pure LTFS

Prices start at $15,995 

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About The EzStor 

The 1 Beyond EzStor Tape Library takes the complexities out of unattended backup, disaster recovery or archive storage. The EzStor Library is available in a cost effective range of storage capacities using LTO tapes with the universal industry Standard, LTFS. 

  • The 1 Beyond EzStor software is OS independent -- access it from a Mac, PC or Linux system.
  • Using the LTO Auto-Loader is literally as easy as accessing NAS (Network Attached Storage). Search, copy or drag and drop one or as many files and folders as you like to EzStor exactly as you would to NAS. Invisibly and automatically, EzStor takes control in the background and makes it all happen seamlessly. If the content is larger than one tape or 10 tapes, it is handled automatically. For example, think of the 1 Beyond EzStor 24 as 60TB NAS. It’s that simple!
  • In fact it is so simple it also communicates with software like CatDV, Axle and other Media Asset Management (MAM) or backup software that will talk to a disk or NAS. A catalog is automatically kept of what file is on what tape and when you want to retrieve it again, the user does not need to know what tape(s) it is on – it is automatic. If the tape is removed (exported), your search will find it in the Exported Catalog and it will tell you what tape serial number it’s on.  


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1 Beyond EzStor Features

  • Available with 24, 48 and 96 slot Auto Loader libraries. Add tapes as you need additional storage.
  • EzStor software is presented exactly as NAS and operating system agnostic.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere on the local network or worldwide.
  • The EzStor user interface is as easy as accessing NAS and operates the same way.
  • Administrative Management is driven by a Browser based graphical interface that makes the EzStor Libraries easily managed from across the room or across the globe.

  • Quickly and simply manage the tape media both in and out of the library with configurable tape slots and multiple 
    12-slot removable magazines.
  • The 1 Beyond EzStor Libraries can be divided into multiple Shares that have individually controlled access.
  • Quickly increase capacity and/or performance with additional tapes or tool-free drive upgrades. EzStor automatically senses the upgrades and there are no additional licensing costs for additional tapes or drives.
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1 Beyond EzStor

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For Purchasing and Additional Information - Call 1 Beyond at 617-591-2200