1 Beyond LTO NetDrive Archiving Appliance 
With optional recording, backup and asset management options, It's as simple as drag and drop.

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The 1 Beyond Wrangler LTO NetDrive™ is a unique, innovative and cost effective solution for video professionals who want to Archive, Review or Restore to or from LTO-5/6 digital tape (using the new LTFS file system), On Set, in the Field or in Editorial. The process is Automatic using the Award-Winning 1 Beyond Wrangler Auto Duplicate and Verify software and Universal using a standard Ethernet connection to attach to host system or use standalone.

  • Set up the Automatic Off-Load process from your Mac or PC. Once the desired Source and Destinations are selected, the rest is totally automatic.
  • Optional Automatic Encoding while ingesting to most major uncompressed and compressed 2D/3D formats including DPX, MOV, CineForm 3D, and many more. 
  • Off-load multiple media types - standalone:
    • 1 Beyond GoHDMag™ recording magazines, the solid state high performance storage used in 1 Beyond
    • From any device connected to the Wrangler LTO NetDrive’s high performance ports including; 4xUSB 2, 2xUSB 3 and eSATA.
    • From any device connected to the PC or Mac host system.
    • Built-in Media Players for reviewing video -- The Wrangler LTO NetDrive can be connected to a DVI or HDMI 2D or 3D monitor independent of any host computer. The internal high performance processor is capable of playing back compressed or uncompressed video for review.
    • Compatibility with the entire line of 1 Beyond Wrangler systems -- the Wrangler LTO NetDrive is part of the industry’s only compatible end-to-end 2D/3D workflow Product Line. 
  • Also available in Rack Mount chassis.
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LTO Netdrive

                            NetDrive Portable With Optional Ipad Interface

Netdrive Rack

LTO NetDrive Rack - 3U

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