1 Beyond RuggedRack™ ENG Truck System

Compact, Rugged yet Powerful - designed for ENG Truck Tough Duty

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1 Beyond RuggedRack™ ENG Truck System with HD OctoFlex™ Performance for a Video
Compositing, Editing and Compression System. This system is capable of multiple format Editing and
Compositing supporting most formats including SD through HD. The system includes:

  • Intel 3.5 – 3.9 Turbo GHz Intel Quad core processors which equals 8x 3.5GHz processors
  • 1600 MHz memory Bus with 8 GBs of memory
  • High Performance Dual Port Video card

Since most editing and compositing software now uses raw processor power to interpret native codecs on the fly and for calculating effects, the combination of 8 processors and a high performance GPU is necessary for real-time performance. The Storage is the most critical reliability portion of the ENG Truck system. The RuggedRack uses an ultrareliable new and unique storage design consisting of:

  • 4 removable SATA3 drives and Dual Raid for doubly protected reliability against disk failure. The RuggedRack has a Dual Raid 1 configuration. One array for the data and one for the system. The System Array is for the combination of System and Applications and a separate partition for the Library (Evergreens, archives and backup). The second array is for AV Data and projects.

Also critical to the system reliability against storage failure are the disks used in the RuggedRack design. These disks are all Low-Mass Rugged Enterprise Level 2.5 inch drives. These are a small fraction of the mass of standard 3.5” drives which is critical to withstanding constant truck movement and vibration.

  • These drives are all front removable for ease and speed of maintenance. Other system components and software include: Firewire, Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000Mbs), Audio output.
  • Ports include USB 3.0 for connecting P2 card readers.
  • 1 Beyond Wrangler software is included for off-loading and verifying all ingested camera memory data. It can also be used for exporting projects and camera original data to external drives. A compatible disk reader can be provided for taking data from the removable drives in Post if desired.
  • Includes Windows 7, 64 Professional operating system. 
  • Each RuggedRack system comes with an "as shipped" turnkey image on a serial number coded Bootable Thumb Drive and a full license copy of Acronus Backup software. If there is a system drive problem, the system and applications software can be replaced in minutes. A Backup Image is also stored in the data storage. RuggedRack System Specifications: 
  • The system chassis is standard 2RU rack mount for absolute minimal Rack Space utilization. The chassis is 24” deep.
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1 Beyond RuggedRack ENG

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