1 Beyond™ StreamMachine

Industry’s Smallest Portable Quad Direct-to-Disk Recorder and live broadcast streaming production solution

Pricing as Low as $3,995

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The StreamMachine Portable-

Our smallest and lightest system - Designed to be easily transported to different locations. Simply set up a keyboard and monitor and you're on your way to producing a professional broadcast. The StreamMachine Portable comes in 3 different model configurations to meet the needs of any broadcast. 

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Rugged, Portable & Robust Live Streaming Solution -

The StreamMachine Portable ingests up to 4 video inputs through professional HD-SDI connections and works as your switcher, broadcaster, live event producer, recorder and encoder. Weighing in at a mere 10.5 lbs and loaded with features, the StreamMachine Portable is the ultimate turnkey streaming solution.

Supports Virtually all HD and SD Formats - 

Do you have multiple video formats coming in from multiple sources? Just hook up your cameras and the StreamMachine automatically detects the presence, resolution and frame rate of all inputs so you don’t have to manually set up each source. Because all inputs on the StreamMachine are independent, you can use HD and SD cameras in the same production.

Take Your Production Anywhere -

Stop fussing with cumbersome, unreliable streaming rigs. Just set up your cameras, a monitor and a keyboard and you're on your way to producing a professional quality broadcast. When you’re finished, Your StreamMachine Portable fits conveniently into its Custom Pelican Storm Case, making this an ideal system for any application. 

Take Control of your live stream – 

Produce from anywhere. Our iPad interface gives you complete wireless control of Wirecast so you’re no longer tied to a workstation, Or use our 24-key control pad to queue and transition between shots effortlessly.

Simple & Intuitive - 

Easy Set up and operation make this an ideal system for users with little to no experience. The intuitive user interface makes creating a professional looking broadcast simple for anyone. Hook up a Monitor, keyboard and mouse and your set to go. 

Rugged. Tested and Field Proven –

All of our products are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and tested in the most extreme applications to ensure great performance, no matter where you are. Each individual system undergoes rigorous testing, burn in and benchmarking to guarantee that they meet our strict standard.



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1 Beyond StreamMachine

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Powerful Live Production Features -

Give Your Production the professional touch with Wirecast 5.

• Multiple user-definable layers - Keep even the most complex projects organized with Wirecast's multiple layer support, allowing up to 35 layers of live compositing. Easily place a background music track or a watermark over your webcast that stays active even when switching between multiple cameras and shots.

• Transitions - Add polish to your broadcast by using professional-looking transitions as you switch between your cameras and sources. Generate transitions and effects in real-time, including cross-fade, 3D cube, swinging doors, and cuts.


• Custom Canvas Size - The custom canvas size feature is helpful when you want to capture and stream non-traditional broadcast resolutions (for example game capture).

• Chroma key - Transport your production to a new studio or location using Wirecast's high quality GPU accelerated real-time green screen solution. Replace your (green) background with your own video or still image background.

• Countdown Clock - When you switch to a recorded video, the countdown clock will display the remaining time of that video, making it easier to prepare for the next switch.


The StreamMachineine Portable is available in a wide array of configurations designed to match your needs and your budget. The chart explains the differences between the models  

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Processor Intel Core i7 8 processor CPU at 8 x 3.5 GHz
Memory 8GB 1600 MHz DDR Quad Fetch Ram
Storage  2 x 1TB at 7200 RPM Enterprise level disks (2.0 TB capacity)
RAID Raid 0 for performance ( Other optional Data Raids are available please call for details)
Outputs  Video
  3.5mm Stereo Out
Inputs Video
  4x HD-SDI Inputs
  2x USB 
  3.5mm Unbalanced Line Input
  3.5mm Unbalanced Mic Input
Rear Panel Ports 1 x PS/2 keyboard/mouse port
  4 x USB 3.0
  1 x eSATA
  1 x Optical
Dimensions W - 5” x L - 13”x H - 9”
Weight 10.5lbs


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For Purchasing and Additional Information - Call 1 Beyond at 617-591-2200