1 Beyond™ StreamMachine DC

Industry’s Smallest Portable Quad Direct-to-Disk Recorder and live broadcast streaming production solution

Pricing as Low as 4,995

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About the StreamMachine

From the company that designed and delivered the industry’s largest DDR Event Recorder, now comes
the smallest, most portable, Quad Direct-to-Disk Recorder combined with live switched streaming –
the 1 Beyond StreamMachine. To accomplish this industry breakthrough, the 1 Beyond StreamMachine incorporates the Matrox VS4 quad HDSDI card and Telestream Wirecast software with the award-winning, rugged, powerful and field-proven 1 Beyond Portable systems and software. The results set a new bar for the Streaming Industry. With no wired Gb or AC power required you can Broadcast anywhere that has cell phone coverage.

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Full Function, Powerful, Simple to Use:

  • Live streaming, multiple layer effects, switch from 4 professional SDI and USB sources, record ISO HD-SDI cameras, plus the resulting broadcast using a package size of a traditional school lunch box.
  • Save the 4 original camera views, your video assets, in high resolution for future re-mix and re-purpose.
  • Don’t be fooled by the size and simplicity -- monitor, queue cameras, apply transitions, PinP, overlay graphics, virtual sets, record everything -- it’s all there.


Light weight (10 lbs.) small size 5”x13”x 9”H. Fits anywhere, optional custom Storm Case available.

DC Power 

If there is unreliable power, there is even an option to run from battery power.


Set up a Monitor and Keyboard console or move around to see the action and monitor and

control your broadcast from your iPad, or both -- you’re not stuck at the console.
Proven Rugged

Machined aluminum, titanium and steel, serving productions from studios to offthe-grid locations around the world. When it must work, customers trust 1 Beyond becuase live events don’t
have a second take.

A Studio Broadcast appliance but switch to Windows and run any auxiliary

4 Pro Camera Studio Broadcaster, 5 HD DDRs, turnkey -- complete for $4,995!

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1 Beyond StreamMachine

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1 Beyond StreamMachine Pro Models – Additional Features

  • Built-in: 17” high-resolution screen, keyboard, touchpad, plus tablet control.
  • Quality: Allows simultaneous record of broadcast in high resolution format.
  • Higher-Powered: Multi-Function means higher ROI e.g. Run any desktop programs.
  • Archive: Background transfer to built-in optional LTO-5 tape in universal standard LTFS tape format.
  • Pro Model Chassis: Available in Portable with built-in 17” screen, Keyboard and touchpad and Studio 3U Rack model.
  • Flexibility: Additional PCIe slots available for edit I/O or other optional cards.
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For Purchasing and Additional Information - Call 1 Beyond at 617-591-2200