1 Beyond ThunderMAX™ Mac Expansion Chassis

Take your Thunderbolt to the MAX!

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The 1 Beyond ThunderMAX expansion system is an all-in-one Macintosh Thunderbolt 2 peripheral that can accommodate the industry’s largest collection of devices in one compact, easy-to-transport package, including:

• Camera card readers (SxS, REDMAG, CF , P2, AXSM, SRMemory)
• LTO-6 Tape Drive(s)
• Internal RAID (SSD or HD)
• e-SATA , 10GigE, USB3, FireWire 800 ports
• 3-6 PCI-e slots In other words, all the peripherals, ports and cards users wish they had in their Macs, but for which there is no longer room or slots, are now available in a single unit that connects with 1-3 Thunderbolt cables and a single power cord. The result is no more desktop clutter (adapters, devices, data cables, power cords, expansion boxes, and docks). 

• Offload camera memory cards to internal RAID, external RAID, and LTO-6 tape.
• Edit 4K using fast RAID storage, playout via quad SDI card and archive to LTO-6.
• Color-grade with HD-SDI I/O and option for RED Rocket-X card.
• As a server or HUB, ThunderMAX gives every Mac user access to fast RAID storage and LTO-6 backup, as well as legacy ports and card readers. Configure with Asset Management software for a total Asset Management and Archive solution.

1 Beyond ThunderMAX

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Summary of Unique Features/Benefits
• Bandwidth: First system with 60Gbps from THREE Thunderbolt 2 input connections for maximum performance.

• Expandability: Room for the most devices in a single, compact, easy-to-move unit with carry handle

- Has three 5.25” bays, two 3.5” bays, four internal shock mounted 3.5” bays, and 3-6 free  PCI-e slots -- closest competitive product has two 5.25” bays for peripherals and 3 slots (2 of  which are used).

- Start small, add components as needs increase with no additional adapters, expansion boxes   or rack units.

- Can be reconfigured in seconds

• Reliability: Fewer parts and fewer external cables. All devices are in one unique vertical format, small footprint unit with handle eliminating connecting cables and multiple box or rack power connections which ensures the highest reliability.

• Modular design: Use with MacPro, MacBookPro, or connect two Macs via Thunderbolt, Gigabit or 10GigE networking with maximum throughput.

• Support: Instead of a collection of expansion units and devices from different manufacturers, the ThunderMax comes pre-built with a choice of devices. ThunderMAX and all configured components are supported by 1 Beyond.

• Value: For unparalleled value, the all-in-one design saves money (not spent on independent enclosures, power supplies and cables) and improves reliability with the data and power connections internal and a reduced number of parts.

• Two power options: AC or DC. The DC option can use power from camera batteries, external DC or AC using a power brick. If multiple power sources are connected, 1 Beyond’s “Auto-Fail-Over” feature ensures uninterrupted operation.

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For Purchasing and Additional Information - Call 1 Beyond at 617-591-2200