1 Beyond™ ThunderTape™ Mac LTO Archving Appliance

The 1 Beyond ThunderTape connects a Mac Laptop to a combination of desirable devices all contained in one compact Thunderbolt device.

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About the ThunderTape

The Thundertape is a Self Contained, Rugged, Field Proven Mac LTO Appliance. The ThunderTape connects directly to your Mac via Thunderbolt connection for LTO backup. Before ThunderTape a similar setup required 4 external boxes, 8 wires, 4 power bricks and a power strip. Now, with one Thunderbolt wire to the ThunderTape, you can Put in your RED Mag and the rest is automatic using 1 Beyond Wrangler software.

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ThunderTape Functions

  • Self-Contained Rugged Portable Field Proven
  • Thunderbolt Connection direct to LTO
  • Built-in LTO drive
  • LTO-5 and LTO-6 available
  • Built-in Data Array

Video Inputs

  • Thunderbolt converter
  • LTO-5 and LTO-6 available
  • a Camera memory reader e.g. Red Mag
  •  Thunderbolt disk drive 
  • SAS LTO-5 LTFS Tape drive

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1 Beyond ThunderTape

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For Purchasing and Additional Information - Call 1 Beyond at 617-591-2200