1 Beyond™ Wrangler and Mac Wrangler Pro

2D and 3D Portable Tapeless Ingest and Edit System

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About the Wrangler Pro

Rapidly Off-Load P2, Alexa SxS, RED, Phantom, or SI-2K tapeless memory cards or disks while shooting on-set or on-location.

  • Off-Load to disks and LTO5 Simultaneously
  • Instantly Review or Add Metadata to video clips
  • Preview high resolution full screen video results
  • Optional Dailies - Editing in-field for:
  • Film or Documentary “rough cuts”
  • Instant on-set playback Scene and Green Screen Chroma keyed
  • Daily reviews connected to HD LCD or projector
  • Final edits e.g. for remote ENG markets to quickly upload and Air News
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1 Beyond Wrangler Software:

  • Fastest and only Parallel multi-card unloading with simultaneous output to multiple devices
  • True appliance operation - Completely automatic tapeless memory unload
  • Visual review of 2D or 3DVideo captured with associated Metadata review / editing
  • Tightly Integrated with Viewer Auto registration and viewing of new video while ingesting additional cards
  • Other Video Formats available - latest 2D & 3D Cameras and auto Proxy generation

1 Beyond Wranglers as DDR – 1 Beyond Wranglers can now be configured for Direct to Disk Recording (DDR) for virtually all mono and stereo video and still cameras. Real-time format generation includes: 

(the list is very long – call for latest update)

  • Uncompressed DPX, QT, AVI, .mov, TGA, TIFF, more
  • Compressed: DNxHD, DVC-Pro, Cineform, AVC-Intra, H.264, JPeg2000, MXF, more
  • RAW: Silicon Imaging, ARRI, Red, CineForm RAW, more

Turnkey - Backup system Image:

  • All Wrangler systems come loaded and tested turnkey. 
  • In addition each system comes with a fully licensed system backup software package and a restore image as shipped. Full 1 year warranty parts and labor - return to 1 Beyond on original defects on 1 Beyond system. Parts not manufactured by 1 Beyond e.g. I/O cards are covered under the respective manufacturer's warranty.
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1 Beyond Wrangler Pro

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Additional Features and Options for all 1 Beyond Wrangler systems:
Automated Data Off-loading and Verification:

  • Optional P2, SxS, CF and SD (and more) card readers, eSATA and Firewire 
  • DVI output for additional HD monitor or HD projector
  • Completely self-contained, Ruggedized, Portable systems w/ Roll-about case for easy local travel or optional rugged travel case for airline and shipping.
  • 1 Beyond GoHDCarts are each one Hot-Swappable disk cartridges 750GB to 1TB HDD, cast aluminum housing with rubber shock absorbers inside, and GoHDMags are 2 drives each from 1TB to 2TB. Either can be SSD at smaller capacity with higher performance and extremely rugged. All can be setup with RAID Protection.

Additional 1 Beyond Wrangler Options include:

  • Editing: Certified on Red CineX, Avid Media Composer, MoJo DX, Adobe CSx suite, Matrox, AJA, Blackmagic, Grass Valley and others 
  • HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI and Component output for professional HD Video monitoring
  • Additional Battery Chargers and 1 Beyond industry compatible Gold Mount or V-Lock Intelligent Batteries with LCD readout of "Time to go and Percent used graph"

 1 Beyond removable storage is Designed for:

  • Unlimited capacity, resilient to rough courier and crew handling
  • Easy, instant data movement to any 1 Beyond tapeless workflow or customer device
  • Possible final shelf archive - 10x smaller and lighter than tape at a lower cost per GB 
  • Security encryption for shipping/handling - optional 256 bit encryption with HW key
  • 1 Beyond Wrangler Reader Compatible - A Full line of GoHDCart and GoHDMag Readers for Mac or PC, any size including Desktop, Portable, Rack mount and any Host connection or bus is available.
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For Purchasing and Additional Information - Call 1 Beyond at 617-591-2200