1 Beyond™ Wrangler FlexVTR™ Archive Recorder

Video Tape Recorder Based on LTO-5 and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) Standard

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About the FlexVTR

The 1 Beyond Wrangler FlexVTR™ Archive Recorder is a cost-effective filebased digital recording and archiving system based on the LTO-5 tape standard with the universal LTFS format. Users can easily record, review, add metadata and catalog media assets, using the control software designed for
quick and easy touch or mouse control emulating standard VTR functions like Play, Record, Rewind etc. using industry standard button shapes.

Archive Design

 The Wrangler FlexVTR Allows a company to pick its archive format standards without being restricted by archive recorder limitations. Also multiple formats may be required for different purposes - e.g. a Proxy for easy review, a Highest Quality preserving the original, or a Quick and Easily Editable format.

Record Flexibility

Designed to provide the maximum flexibility in both Analog and Digital Recording Input types and the resulting stored Output Formats.

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FlexVTR Functions

  • Backup and archive in one step on-set.
  • Preserve all types of Video Assets, past and present, to a long-life stable archive tape standard, including:
  • As a tape deck replacement on-set, including direct Sony SRW replacement.
  • Archive of deteriorating tape libraries and other media assets to the new universal LTO-5 standard. Users can record from virtually any legacy tape deck or SDI source to over 35 formats.
  • Transfer of camera digital media content faster than real-time to Wrangler FlexVTR’s high performance disk array, removable data magazines, LTO-5 tape or any combination.
  • Convert older LTO 1, 2, 3 or 4 format tape to the new LTO-5 with LTFS - requires the appropriate optional LTO driveand software to read i.e. interpret old LTO tape.

Video Inputs

  • SDI input for HD or SD-SDI. 
  • A Dual 3G card is available (optional) for Dual Link input. This option does not have analog in. Also for Dual Link uncompressed recording, the 4U model is recommended due to its high bandwidth 5 x 1TB disk array. 
  • Analog input for composite, S-Video and Component
  • Three BNCs which may be configured for analog video input and output (HD or SD).

Wrangler FlexVTR Archive Recorder

1 Beyond FlexVTR

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                                                   Hardware Overview

  • Portable Wrangler Pro, 1U or 4U rack mount case
  • 12-bit HD analog component input/output
  • 12-bit SD analog component, composite, or S-Video input/output
  • 10-bit Hardware-based real-time up/down/cross-conversions
  • 2-ch balanced XLR AES digital audio and 2-ch balanced XLR analog audio input/output
  • 8-ch SDI embedded audio input/output
  • RS-422 machine control using Sony SRW deck protocol – optional
  • LTC Input (on Reference input)
  • Dual 3G/HD/SD SDI input/output - optional
  • The Wrangler FlexVTR is not restricted by the bandwidth of the input. If the input type to be archived is too fast for the LTO-5 tape drive even with buffering, it will buffered to the internal disk array and then written off to the LTO-5 tape in LTFS format in the background automatically.
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For Purchasing and Additional Information - Call 1 Beyond at 617-591-2200