1 Beyond™ Wrangler Quad Direct to Disk Recorder

Quad Channel Direct-to-Disk Recording Systems for HD-SDI Cameras

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About the Wrangler Quad DDR

1 Beyond Wrangler Rack Quad DDR is unrivaled — the first and only cost effective Quad Digital Direct-to-Disk recorder solution available today. This 4U rack mount powerhouse not only delivers short and long record capability (over 40 hours), it provides real-time confidence monitoring of all 4 SDI inputs complete with signal analysis. With the convenience of a single start record button, inputs begin simultaneously. Also any of the 4 SDI images can be enlarged for signal analysis.

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  • HD-SDI Quad recording from virtually all HD-SDI cameras
  • 5-disk internal RAID
  • Clip may be up to 1.4TBs in length e.g. up to 31 hours total or 7.8 hours per camera of HD at 100 Mb/s or up to 124 hours total or 31 hours per camera of SD at 25Mb/s.

Output File Types

  • Over 20 recording formats including:
  • DVCPro 25, DVCPro 50, DVCPro HD
  • AVC Intra
  • CineForm (all)
  • DNxHD (all)

Hardware I/O Features

  • Four 10-bit SDI Digital Video input (BNC) SD/HD 
  • Embedded SDI Audio input (via BNC) 8-channel
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1 Beyond Quad DDR

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For Purchasing and Additional Information - Call 1 Beyond at 617-591-2200