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EzHDSAN Shared Storage Solution

1 Beyond EzHDSAN™ / EzNAS™ Shared Storage

  • Up to 14 Users (or more depending on usage) simultaneously access at file level up to 192TBs of High Performance Storage
  • Each user has 800Mb/s bandwidth with 1Gb connection or up to 8000Mb/s with 10Gb connection
  • Easy Installation and Easy Maintenance with Compact Simple Appliance Design, Bullet-Proof reliability
  • Low Initial Investment (starting at $5,995) with Modular Scaling to High Storage Capacity in RAID 6 or Double RAID 6 with Hot
  • From 8 disks/ up to 32TBs to 24 or  48 disks/ up to 192TBs of raw storage.
  • Open Platform Compatibility



1 Beyond DataCube™

  • Small disk array for transporting files from on-set to near-set
  • Approximately 4” cube
  • Up to 5 SSD or HDD disks from 1 to 3.75TB in RAID 0 or RAID 5



1 Beyond GoHDCart™ & 1 Beyond GoHDMag


  • Ultimate Flexibility in Rugged Portable Tapeless Video Storage
  • Secure RAID protection and encryption
  • SSD and HDD options from xx to xx GB