2D and 3D Direct to Disk Recording Solutions

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1 Beyond QuadDDR™

  • Can record up to 4 channels in HD Simultaneously 
  • Lightwight, compact and portable 
  • Uses Matrox VS4Recorder Pro Software


1 Beyond QuadDDR™ Pro

  • HD SDI Quad recording from virtually all HD-SDI cameras
  • 5-disk internal RAID
  • Over 20 recording formats including: DVCPro 25, DVCPro 50, DVCPro HD, AVC Intra, CineForm (all), DNxHD (all).
  • Four 10-bit SDI Digital Video input SD/HD
  • Embedded SDI Audio input (via BNC) 8-channel

1 Beyond WranglerMini3D

  • Rugged Portable Field Proven
  • Dual 3G SDI inputs
  • Choice of many recording formats including RAW
  • Built-in 10.4" Touch Screen
  • Replaces View Screen, Camera Set-up Tools


1 Beyond FlexVTR Recording & Archiving Station

  • Records from Legacy Analog and Digital Video decks
  • Records to Built-in LTO drive
  • Choice of many archive formats
  • Register with MAM SW DB
  • Available in 1U and 4U configurations
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1 Beyond NASA DDR System

  • Installed Custom DDR system at NASA’s New Antares Rocket (Space Shuttle replacement) Launch Site
  • 1 Beyond’s design wins contract, NASA’s most advanced Event Recorder
  • Records 36 Hr Countdown with Instant Replay while recording
  • 54x 1 Beyond DDR Video Recorders, Controllers - 61 Systems in all
  • 1 Beyond 192TB EzHDSAN and 2x LTO - LTFS 24 Tape Robotic Libraries