Editing Systems 

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1 Beyond Editing Tower

  • The 1 Beyond Editing Tower will run Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid & Edius
  • High end graphics card
  • RAID storage
  • Optional LTO drive or Card Reader
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1 Beyond ThunderMax™

Mac Expansion System

  • 60 Gbps throughput to devices (3x Thunderbolt 2)
                           -Card Readers - SxS, CF, REDMAG, AXSM, SRMemory, P2 

                           -LTO-6 Drives -Internal RAID 

                           -SSD or HD -PCI-e slots 

                           -10-Gb, SDI I/O, RED Rocket, FireWire 800 -eSATA ports

  • Connect MacPro or MacBook Pro or share amongst systems 
  • Ideal for On-Set use or in Post Production Studio

1 Beyond RuggedRack™ ENG Truck System

  • 1 Beyond RuggedRack™ ENG Truck System with HD OctoFlex™ Performance for a Video Compositing, Editing and Compression System. This system is capable of multiple format Editing and Compositing supporting most formats including SD through HD.
  • The RuggedRack design utilizes Low-Mass, Rugged, Enterprise Level 2.5 inch drives. These are a fraction of the mass of standard 3.5” drives which is critical to withstanding constant truck movement and vibration.
  • 4 removable SATA3 drives and Dual Raid for doubly protected reliability against disk failure. The RuggedRack has a Dual Raid 1 configuration. One array for the data and one for the system. The System Array is for the combination of System and Applications and a separate partition for the Library (Evergreens, archives and backup). The second array is for AV Data and projects.