On-Set Data Wrangling Solutions     

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Our Wrangler systems have been used for Productions around the world including:
  • 14 Major Motion Pictures like Pirates of the Caribbean, on-set DIT Jeroen Hendriks said: "I couldn't have done Pirates without the 1 Beyond Wrangler". See User Story 
  • Over 50 documentaries in off-the-grid locations around the globe including: Antarctica, Africa, the Sahara Desert and recently the Cameron Pace Group shooting Russian Bears in Siberia. "Our experience is we can count on 1 Beyond Wranglers so we bought two more for the Siberian gig".
  • Currently 14 Episodic television productions, including our third season with NCIS. "The portability to instantly go from on-set to location is key for us".
  • We worked closely with Deluxe in Toronto producing Lions Gate's Saw 3D (early 3D workflow development) which used 6 Wranglers for the entire production workflow including Recording, Off-Load, Duplicate, Verify and 3D Review. We worked with Deluxe and Avid to change allowable file names.
  • Discovery Communications has purchased all models of our Wrangler systems. They use them in-house for production and have certified them for use by their production companies as a reliable, cost-effective solution to hold down production costs.
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1 Beyond ThunderMax™

Mac Expansion System

  • 60 Gbps throughput to devices (3x Thunderbolt 2)
                           -Card Readers - SxS, CF, REDMAG, AXSM,                                         SRMemory, P2 

                     -LTO-6 Drives -Internal RAID 

                     -SSD or HD -PCI-e slots 

                     -10-Gb, SDI I/O, RED Rocket, FireWire                                   800 -eSATA ports

  • Connect MacPro or MacBook Pro or share amongst systems 
  • Ideal for On-Set use or in Post Production Studio

1 Beyond LTO NetDrive™ & LTOMac™ Archiving Appliances

Simple LTO-6 Appliance for On-Set and Network Enviroments 

  • Complete system - no computer required 
  • Pure LTFS – fast file-based backups 
  • 1 Beyond Software included: 

                  -Wrangler™ software 

                  -WatchFolder software 

    -EzLTOCat™ Tape Catalog software 

    -EzPrep™ package – Discovery -Compliance Checker

  • Built-in card reader optional

1 Beyond Wrangler™ Safe 

On-Set Data Backup and Dailies System
  • Portable rugged all-in-one system includes:

   -Your choice CPU/GPU 

    -Built-in keyboard and monitor 


    -Camera Card Readers


  • 1 Beyond Wrangler software for backup 
  • Scratch or Davinci Resolve for Dailies

1 Beyond Wrangler & MacWrangler Dude™

On-Set Data Backup and Dailies System
  • Rugged, portable, DC battery-powered 

 -Card Readers

 -Internal RAID 

 -Removable eSATA drives 

  • WatchFolder software for automated transcodes 
  • Review and Backup Video without need for power
  • 1 Beyond Wrangler software for Backup

 1 Beyond Wrangler & MacWrangler Pro™

  • Built-in 17" Screen, KB w/ Touch pad
  • Built-in Camera Memory Readers
  • Built-in Removable Drives
  • Optional LTO drive for archiving
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On Set Dailies and Color Correction Solutions

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 1 Beyond Portable Super Wrangler Dailies System

  • Unmatched, powerful environment for dailies solution in a rugged, portable package, including playback, color correction, and transcoding
  • Certified with ASSIMILATE SCRATCH, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, and MTI Film Cortex: Control Dailies

1 Beyond Super Wrangler Studio Dailies System

  • Same functions as portable system, but in a rack configuration for in-studio use