Discovery LTO Tape Preparation for Program Submission

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Discovery - 1 Beyond LTO EzPrep™ - Partnership Program

  • Ease the process of creating Discovery LTO Tapes
  • Make Discovery LTO Tape Preparation affordable
  • All supported by 1 Beyond’s LTO Process Experts
  • LTO NetDrive Useful for other Archive purposes

Choose Your Discovery System:

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Archive and Backup LTO Tape Solutions 

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1 Beyond LTO NetDrive™ Archiving Appliance

  • Complete system - no computer required 
  • Pure LTFS – fast file-based backups 
  • 1 Beyond Software included: 
  •     -Wrangler™ software 

        -WatchFolder software 

        -EzLTOCat™ Tape Catalog software 

        -EzPrep™ package – Discovery -Compliance Checker

  • Built-in card reader optional
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1 Beyond Wrangler™ Safe 

  • Portable rugged all-in-one system includes:

             -Your choice CPU/GPU 

             -Built-in keyboard and monitor 


             -Camera Card Readers


  • 1 Beyond Wrangler software for backup 
  • Scratch or Davinci Resolve for Dailies
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1 Beyond ThunderMAX™

Mac Expansion System

  • 60 Gbps throughput to devices (3x Thunderbolt 2)
                 -Card Readers - SxS, CF, REDMAG, AXSM,                                        SRMemory, P2                                

             -LTO-6 Drives 

             -Internal RAID 

             -SSD or HD 

             -PCI-e slots 

             -10-Gb, SDI I/O, RED Rocket, FireWire 800                            -eSATA ports

  • Connect MacPro or MacBook Pro or share amongst systems 
  • Ideal for On-Set use or in Post Production Studio


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1 Beyond ThunderTape™ 2 

External LTO Storage Solution for Macintosh

  • Thunderbolt 2 connectivity to LTO-6 drive(s) for Macintosh
  • Two devices in one appliance for maximum functionality.  Second device can be:
                -2nd Tape Drive
                -4TB SAS storage
                -4 disks in RAID configuration
  • Includes LTFS drivers and 1 Beyond Copy Utility
  • Fast,efficient, cost-effective backup to LTO-5 and LTO-6 tape for:
                -File based deliveries to networks (HBO, Discovery)
                -On-set backup of camera memory
                -Long-term archive of digital assets
  • Works with popular archive and asset management software:
               -ImagineProducts PreRollPost
               -CatDV or Axle asset management
               -YoYottaID for backup, media management reporting


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LTO Library and Media Asset Management

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1 Beyond EzStor™ Library

  • Pure LTFS 
  • Dual-copy setting for duplicate tape copies 
  • User and Group permissions settings 
  • Support for 8, 24, 48, 96 slot libraries 
  • 10 GigE option available 
  • 24 slot LTO-6 Library $19,995
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Legacy Tape Archive and Media Management

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1 Beyond QuadDDR™ with Tape

  • Record SDI video to file-based LTO for archive 
  • Efficient – 4 independent recordings simultaneously 
  • Asset Management software to track what’s on what tape 
  • SD footage to DV/DVCAM, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50 and MPEG-2 i-frame 
  • HD footage to DVCPROHD and MPEG2 i-frame
  • Matrox VS4 Recorder Pro Software

1 Beyond FlexVTR™ Recording & Archiving Station

  • Records from Legacy Analog and Digital Video decks
  • Records to Built-in LTO drive
  • Choice of many archive formats
  • Register with MAM SW DB
  • Available in 1U and 4U configurations

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Asset Management Software

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  • Simple browser interface:   nearline and archived content can be accessed from any web browser.
  • Easily accessible: the powerful search engine makes it easy to find content using embedded and customized metadata.
  • Secure: original content is archived securely on LTO, while proxies can be viewed by users or user groups with permission. Downloads and other functions can all be restricted.
  • Workflow tools: the system powers online collaboration, rough cuts, approvals, and more.
  • Flexible delivery: content can be transcoded and delivered as needed.

CatDV Digital Asset Management Software

  • Flexibility:CatDV can fit with your existing workflow and provides round trip metadata management with many different asset types (video, stills, audio, subtitles, documents etc), video formats, NLEs, storage systems, database systems, operating systems and archiving systems.
  • Power: the CatDV worker can automate many tasks in a workflow, including ingest, file naming, file organisation, media logging and transcoding. 
  • Simplicity: CatDV’s desktop interface is clean and straightforward. The complexity that comes with the flexibility and power of the product is hidden from the user who can focus on getting their job done.
  • 1 Beyond Integration: CatDV can be run on the following 1 Beyond systems: LTO NetDrive, QuadArchiver, FlexVTR and EzStor Library.
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Axle Media Management Software

  • Axle makes media management radically simple. Axle software connects with the storage you already own, using your existing folder setup. 
  • Axle works with nearly any type of storage used for media files. axle connects seamlessly with network attached storage (NAS), storage area networks (SANs), RAIDs and hard drives. axle catalogs the files you have, where you have them.
  • All axle systems are compatible with Adobe (Premiere Pro, Prelude) and Apple (Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X) editors.